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Bio-Techco is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly waste disposal companies in the world. Our innovative technology provides the most thorough and efficient means of biodegradable organic waste disposal available.

The Super C-3® In-Vessel Waste Reduction System

  • The "Soil-ution" to your economic and environmental dilemmas concerning conventional waste removal.

  • Proven technology to save bottom-line thousands of dollars.

  • Addresses the ever-present concerns with impending EPA regulations and state driven mandates.

About Computer Controlled Composting and the C-3

The C-3 is the Soilution to Polution.
The C-3 is designed to input organic food waste along with paper and corrugated cardboard.  The feed stock (food waste) is squeezed onthe in-feed conveyor to eliminate excessive water that would interfere with the bacteria in the vessel; the feed stock then is dumped into a shredder that size the particles into about 3/16"; the shredder then drops the now sized feedstock through an 8" auger into the first. . . Read More